Chinese Cuisine

Chinese CuisineWhen you think about Chinese food, you probably already have some kind of concept of it. The food is an important part of Chinese people’s life, so wherever they are, in any part of the world, you can have a chance to try some variation of their food. As you know, it most popularly includes rice, noodles, vegetables, sauces and seasoning. However it is not as unified as one can guess after visiting a few Chinese restaurants. The menu in restaurants outside China is pretty much adjusted to what the foreigner’s stomachs can digest and does not give you the chance to fully appreciate it. The traditional and modern Chinese food have a few tangents – it is diversified, covers many food groups and is a big part of their culture. Continue reading

Hong Kong – City that You must visit

sweet Chinese girlI have to tell You, that Honk Kong is one of the most popular place for my foreign trips. Every season is the perfect time for a visit Hong Kong. Why? Because it’s a wonderful place, especially by night. Everyone know that nightlife is very important to me. I could be enjoying good food in restaurant, listening to a Chinese music  or dancing at a disco but nighttime is the best time for me. Here I would like to introduce you to some interesting places in Hong Kong. If you believe what I say, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. First you have to go to Hong Kong night clubs. This are the great places for a date with sweet Chinese girl or drink with friends. The next day, if you have enough strength after a hard night at bars, you can go shopping. Continue reading

Is China still uses child labor

Is China still uses child laborIn China, children are still used to work, although the government for over 4 years campaigning against it. In China children not only work in the factories, but it happens also that they are kidnapped and forced to beg on the streets. To show this problem every year the World Day against child labor is celebrated. Chinese government do not public any official data on the scale of the problem. But it is not a secret that minors are employed in many factories, particularly in southern China. Continue reading

China’s political system

China's political systemUnder the Constitution of the PRC in 1982 the state authorities are led by the Communist Party of China. The highest authority and the legislature is a National People’s Congress (NPC) a 5-year term, consisting of deputies elected by indirect suffrage by the National People’s Congress provinces, autonomous regions, and towns of the army (2979 members – 2006) . The NPC is directed by the Standing Committee, which convenes sessions of the NPC, this body issue decrees and laws between sessions, ratifies international agreements, interpreting the law, approves the prime minister and cabinet members. Continue reading

The intriguing petite Asians

petite AsiansWhat can one say they are the life force of the biggest population in the world, and with such numbers that any state could have a population bigger than an actual big country is a bit amazing. But with such numbers means there are also so many beauties around, almost in every town you will find some breath taking escorts. I usually do as when I am lost I can be cheered up, shown the way and much, much more. Continue reading